Unemployed Jobless Seeker

Yes this blog is directed for the Job Recruiters, Job Markets lets get on the right track in helping put http://dean3120.blogspot.comAmericans back to work and make this Great Nation proud again. I'm a 18 year experienced Power Generation Technician Specialists in the Power Generation Industry with an electrical & mechanical background. Who is almost 2 years unemployed and about to see my American Dream go down the toliet. I've got excellent training, knowledge, skills and take pride in my field of work. Every time a recruiter gives me a heads up on a job description that matches my profile to a tee. Its either the customer or clients not getting my full capabilities.linties due to that I can't afford a $500.-$750., dollar resume kinda hard when on unemployment & your 401k is gone mostly to crooked stock markets and plain old survival for the jdfamily and Uncle Sam eating up what's left. I never in my life have been in this position where I'm about to see everything that I've worked so hard for to be taken away from my family when I'm a very dependable and a hard worker who is dedicated to his customers & employers. I know how to get a job done and on time with timeline management experience, hurricane natural disaster relief responses and in a safe & cost effective manner. I've got Certifications in Generator & ATS switches, PLC programming, paralleling applications, Hi & Medium voltages, service & maintenance repairs on industrial size gas & diesel Gen sets of Allah makes & brands. Testing, commissioning, loadbanking, of electrical & mechanical equiptment. I've got resumes on just about every Job Market on the planet, including the big global LinkedIn, Careerbuilders, Indeed, Beyond, Thinkenergy, Dice, Jobfox, GE, Siemens & others. So I guess what I'm asking for is if someone out there can show a lil bit of Rachael's Challenge you know a Random Act of Kindness to all the unemployed people in America who are Americans gets us back in the work force & kick this ressesion thing in the butt. I've still got my faith in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave just as I do in GOD, HE has never let me down. With that being said lets make it happen the clicks ticking in need of a Job so my family doesn't lose our home & be homeless. That's all I want for Christmas, and may GOD Bless everyone & the USA!!..ت